Tip of the Week Archive List

Electrical System InspectionsElectrical2/11/2002
Steam TrapsMechanical2/25/2002
Flat RoofsRoofs3/1/2002
Referencing Visual ImagesReports4/1/2002
Infrared Equipment CalibrationEquipment4/22/2002
Imager Settings for Roof InspectionsRoofs5/13/2002
Infrared Equipment CostEquipment6/4/2002
Wide Angle Lenses - 1Equipment6/10/2002
Wide Angle Lenses - 2Equipment7/1/2002
Proper Spectral ResponseEquipment7/22/2002
Outdoor Substation ArrestorsElectrical8/5/2002
Saving Thermal ImagesEquipment8/12/2002
Protecting Your ViewfinderEquipment8/26/2002
Cleaning IR LensesEquipment9/3/2002
Verifying Roof DataRoofs9/7/2002
Combing IR & Ultrasound for Steam Trap TestingMechanical9/16/2002
Record Electrical LoadsElectrical10/7/2002
Wide Angle Lenses - 3Equipment11/25/2002
Infrared Inspections of Building EnvelopesBuildings12/2/2002
Performance StandardsProgram12/16/2002
Pipe Leaks in ConcreteMechanical1/27/2003
Power Alternatives for ImagesEquipment2/10/2003
Setting Up Inspection RoutesProgram2/17/2003
The Tortoise and the HareGeneral3/3/2003
Spots on the LCD ScreenEquipment3/17/2003
Blinded by the LightEquipment4/14/2003
Know Your TargetGeneral7/7/2003
Image Storage for Any Thermal ImagerEquipment8/4/2003
Three Legs are Better Than NoneEquipment8/11/2003
IR Inspections of Electrical Bus DuctsElectrical8/25/2003
IR Inspections of CMU WallsStructural9/1/2003
Modifying a Surface for Temperature MeasurementTemperature Measurement9/29/2003
Detecting Loose Connections in Grounding SystemsElectrical1/5/2004
Truth, Thermography and the World Wide WebGeneral1/12/2004
Tips for Battery CareEquipment2/16/2004
Remote Monitor for Any ImagerEquipment3/1/2004
Preventing a Transformer Fireworks DisplayElectrical3/29/2004
How FPA Imagers DifferEquipment04/26/04
Infrared Windows for Electrical SwitchgearElectrical5/10/2004
NFPA 70E & Energized Electrical Work PermitsSafety6/7/2004
NFPA 70E & Arc-Rated Face ShieldsSafety6/14/2004
The Importance of Follow-up InspectionsGeneral6/21/2004
Preparing for IR Inspections of Electrical SystemsElectrical6/28/2004
IR is for Integrity & ResponsibilityGeneral7/6/2004
Role of IR Inspections for Electrical Distribution SystemsElectrical7/26/2004
Ways to Prevent SpamGeneral5/24/2004
IR Inspections for Sewer SystemsMechanical8/16/2004
IR Thermography Detects Heat Exchanger BlockageMechanical8/30/2004
Transmissivity of Switchgear WindowsElectrical9/6/2004
Arc Flash Protection ­ How Much?Safety9/20/2004
How to Core Sample a RoofRoofs10/11/2004
IR for Refractory InspectionsMechanical10/18/2004
Maintaining Situational AwarenessSafety11/01/2004
It’s Not That EasyGeneral11/08/2004
Connecting the DotsRoofs11/29/2004
Alternatives to Thermal ImagesReports12/13/2004
Our Most Important TipGeneral12/20/2004
Inspecting Service Entrance CablesElectrical2/7/2005
Temperature Measurement & Low E PaintsTemperature Measurement3/7/2005
Beware of Message BoardsGeneral3/28/2005
The Expert Witness & ThermographyLegal4/18/2005
Tool for Measuring Reflected TemperatureTemperature Measurement6/6/2005
Verify Proper Temperature ScaleTemperature Measurement6/20/2005
Incidental FindsGeneral6/27/2005
Infrared Inspection of Ballasted Roofing SystemsRoofs7/11/2005
When, Why and How to Use Heat Transfer AnalysisGeneral10/3/2005
SIC and NAICS Codes for ThermographyGeneral10/10/2005
Full Memory Causes Imager UpsetEquipment1/9/2006
IR Inspections of Uninsulated RoofsRoofs1/16/2006
What’s in a File NameEquipment1/30/2006
Electrical System Inspections – Beware of First ImpressionsElectrical2/20/2006
Contact Management SoftwareSoftware3/27/2006
Watch Your StepSafety4/10/2006
A Bit Less ConfusingEquipment4/27/2006
The Impact of Adjusting EmissivityTemperature Measurement6/12/2006
What is Image Fusion?Equipment6/27/2006
Understanding Website TerminologyWebsite7/10/2006
Using Thermal Imagery for Early Fire DetectionElectrical7/17/2006
The Difference Between Mediation and ArbitrationLegal8/28/2006
Designing a Website - Why You Should Hire a ProfessionalWebsite9/11/2006
Aerial Lift SafetySafety9/18/2006
Verifying Equipment CalibrationEquipment9/25/2006
Keeping Track of Imager ComponentsEquipment10/30/2006
Understanding RadianceTheory11/13/2006
Air Travel Security TipGeneral11/27/2006
Power Inverters to the RescueEquipment1/23/2007
Using Apple Computers
for Infrared Inspection Reports – Part I
Using Voltage Drop MeasurementsElectrical3/26/2007
Roof Inspections – Solar Reflectance versus IR ReflectanceRoofs4/23/2007
IR Inspections of Roofs with Insulating DecksRoofs4/30/2007
Care & Maintenance of Fire Resistant ClothingSafety5/21/2007
Permit-Required Confined SpacesSafety6/19/2007
IR Inspections and Using Google EarthReports7/23/2007
Inspecting Behind Dry Type Transformer CoversElectrical8/28/2007
Putting Your Electrical System Into PerspectiveElectrical3/3/2008
Memory Cards and Thermal ImagersEquipment3/25/2008
Safe Air Travel with Batteries and DevicesEquipment3/31/2008
Infrared Inspection of Breaker Control CabinetsElectrical4/7/2008
Infrared Inspections of Control Panels
Containing Exposed Contacts
Protecting Against West Nile VirusSafety5/27/2008
Video Output – A Useful Feature on Thermal ImagersEquipment6/17/2008
Heating Up a Surface
Part 1: Testing Emissivity
Heating Up a Surface
Part 2: Non-Destructive Testing
IR Inspections to Diagnose HVAC AirflowBuildings9/15/2008
FM Global Data Sheets – A New Powerful Tool for ThermographersGeneral10/6/2008
Laying the FoundationReports10/20/2008
Using IRINFO.ORG Resources to Make Your Job EasierInternet10/27/2008
Solving Li-Ion Battery ProblemsEquipment11/17/2008
Insurance Coverage – The Designated Premises TrapBusiness12/8/2008
2009 H1N1 Flu & YouSafety10/19/2009
2009 H1N1 and Seasonal Flu –
What To Do If You Get Sick
The Importance of Fully Charged Batteries Equipment11/16/2009
Death by BlogWebsite5/31/2010
Why Your Website Should be on a Directory?Website6/28/2010
Go Easy on the StuffingWebsite8/3/2010
Notice of CopyrightBusiness1/10/2011
The One Hundred Dollar NailGeneral1/24/2011
Training & Equipment: Which First?Training2/14/2011
How Close do You Need to BeGeneral2/28/2011
Why GFCI Devices Appear WarmElectrical3/7/2011
Combining IR Imaging and Ultrasound
to Find Pipe Leak
Infrared Inspections of UPS SystemsElectrical4/4/2011
Care and Feeding of Infrared Lenses
and Other Optics
Using an Isotherm to Detect Potential Condensation SitesEquipment4/18/2011
Ladder Safety - Part 1Safety4/25/2011
Ladder Safety - Part 2Safety5/3/2011
Images and Reports– Who Owns Them?Reports5/16/2011
A Hidden Danger in Electrical SystemsSafety5/23/2011
NFPA 70E & Infrared ThermographySafety6/06/2011
IR Inspections of Emergency Power SystemsElectrical6/13/2011
Calculating Infrared Inspection Program PaybackProgram6/20/2011
Higher Resolution Imagers - What You Really Need to KnowEquipment6/27/2011
IR Inspections of Smooth Surfaced RoofsRoofs7/04/2011
Easier Than A, B, CElectrical7/11/2011
Understanding Electrical Arc FlashSafety7/18/2011
Infrared Inspections to Detect Latent MoistureBuildings8/08/2011
Calculating Field of ViewEquipment8/15/2011
Improving Accuracy of IR Temperature MeasurementsTemperature Measurement8/22/2011
Selecting an IR Training FirmTraining9/05/2011
Contracts for Infrared InspectionsBusiness9/19/2011
Why Do Transformers Hum?Electrical10/10/2011
The Weakest LinkTraining10/24/2011
Compensating for Reflected Temperature in Hot EnviromentsTemperature Measurement10/31/2011
Infrared Inspection of Load Break ElbowsElectrical11/14/2011
Integration ClausesLegal11/28/2011
Why Headers Appear CoolBuildings12/05/2011
Monochrome or Multi-Color?Reports12/12/2011
Infrared Inspections of Dry-type TransformersElectrical01/02/2012
Negative Findings Versus No ProblemsReports01/23/2012
IR Inspections of Electric MotorsMechanical02/06/2012
First Impressions CountBusiness02/13/2012
Infrared Inspections of Flat RoofsRoofs02/20/2012
IR Inspections of Emergency Power SystemsElectrical03/12/2012
The Myth Behind IFOV ValuesEquipment03/19/2012
Imager Resolution & The Great Pixel DebateEquipment03/26/2012
Selecting and Using a RespiratorSafety04/02/2012
Ensuring Payment for Your ServicesBusiness04/09/2012
Is Distance Learning Right For You?Training04/16/2012
The 3 Most Important QuestionsGeneral04/23/2012
Netiquette and Your Online ImageBusiness04/30/2012
Understanding Imager ResolutionEquipment05/07/2012
How to Use Spot Size RatiosEquipment05/14/2012
Thermography as a Business OpportunityBusiness05/21/2012
Pricing Infrared Inspection ServicesBusiness06/04/2012
How to Calculate EmittanceTemperature Measurement06/11/2012
Lightning SafetySafety06/18/2012
Imager Settings for MCC InspectionsElectrical06/25/2012
What Is a Subpoena Duces Tecum?Legal07/23/2012
Thermography and ASNT CertificationTraining08/06/2012
Checking IR Equipment CalibrationEquipment08/13/2012
Infrared Inspections of Lightning ArrestorsElectrical08/20/2012
Infrared Inspections of Roofs Containing Foam InsulationRoofs08/27/2012
Infrared Inspections of PLC CabinetsElectrical09/03/2012
Ambient Temperature & Radiometer AccuracyTemperature Measurement09/17/2012
SEO is DEAD..!!Website09/24/2012
Temperature Differentials for Infrared Building Inspections - Part 1Buildings10/01/2012
Temperature Differentials for Infrared Building Inspections - Part 2Buildings10/08/2012
Temperature Limits for Drive BeltsMechanical10/15/2012
Post Processing Thermal ImagesReports10/22/2012
Change Routes with the SeasonProgram11/05/2012
Using IR Inspections to Help Prepare for Heating SeasonBuildings11/12/2012
Infrared Inspections of Spandrel Glass PanelsBuildings11/26/2012
Why Building Corners Appear CoolBuildings12/03/2012
IR Inspections of Parking Garage CeilingsBuildings12/10/2012
Make a New Year’s Resolution for SafetySafety12/24/2012
How Delta T's Understate PrioritiesTemperature Measurement01/07/2013
Thermal Imagery to Detect Roof FastenersRoofs01/14/2013
Frequency of Infrared Inspections of Electrical EquipmentElectrical01/21/2013
Spare Parts to the RescueEquipment01/28/2013
Preventing Workplace FallsSafety02/04/2013
IR Inspections and Mold SafetySafety02/11/2013
How to Calculate TransmittanceTemperature Measurement02/18/2013
How Dust Creates Full Size Thermal ImageryBuildings02/25/2013
Choosing and Maintaining Your Domain NameWebsite03/04/2013
Do You Have the Correct Time?Equipment03/11/2013
Building Envelope Inspections – Which Way Do We Go?Buildings03/18/2013
Spring is the Time for Infrared Roof InspectionsRoofs03/25/2013
How to Deal With EmittanceTemperature Measurement04/08/2013
IR Inspections of Furnace TubesMechanical04/22/2013
Offering Infrared Inspection ServicesGeneral04/29/2013
A Thermographer’s Magic MarkerEquipment05/06/2013
Warm Lighting Circuit BreakersElectrical05/13/2013
The Best RecommendationReports05/20/2013
Tornado SafetySafety05/27/2013
Improving Accuracy of IR Temperature MeasurementsTemperature Measurement06/03/2013
Temperature Rise as a Severity IndicatorTemperature Measurement06/10/2013
An Emittance Greater Than 1.0 ?Theory06/17/2013
Affiliate Marketing – How to Turn Your Website into a Profit CenterBusiness06/24/2013
Using Tmax Corrected Formula to Prioritize Electrical ExceptionsElectrical07/01/2013
How Much Certification Do You NeedTraining07/08/2013
Determining Maximum Operating Temperature for MotorsMechanical07/15/2013
Heat Stress & HydrationSafety07/22/2013
Insurance for ThermographersBusiness07/29/2013
Understanding EmissivityTheory08/05/2013
From the Top DownElectrical08/12/2013
Flame Resistant ClothingSafety08/19/2013
Autumn IR Inspections to Assess Roof ConditionRoofs09/09/2013
Get Your Website SeenWebsite09/16/2013
The Value of Level III CertificationTraining09/23/2013
Point Radiometers & Spot Measurement SizeEquipment09/30/2013
IR Imaging for Check Tank LevelsStructural10/07/2013
Measuring and Compensating for Reflected Temperature – Part 1Temperature Measurement10/14/2013
Measuring and Compensating for Reflected Temperature – Part 2Temperature Measurement10/21/2013
Autumn is the Time for Steam Trap TestingMechanical10/28/2013
Detecting Open Neutrals and Hot Ground ConductorsElectrical11/04/2013
Training – A Wise Use of Year End Budget MoneyTraining11/11/2013
Emissivity Settings for Building InspectionsBuildings11/18/2013
Temperature Measurement and Building Envelope InspectionsBuildings12/09/2013
Purchasing an Imager – Which Brand is Best?Equipment12/16/2013
Cold Weather ClothingSafety01/06/2014
Outsourcing IR ServicesProgram01/13/2014
Air Travel With Your IR ImagerGeneral01/20/2014
IR Thermography – A Game Changer for Home InspectionsLegal01/27/2014
Preventing Falls in Icy WeatherSafety02/03/2014
IR Inspections of Insulated WindowsBuildings02/10/2014
Infrared Training – Why it Isn’t All the SameTraining02/17/2014
Why Imagers & Radiometers DisagreeEquipment02/24/2014
What Do Thermometers Measure?Electrical03/03/2014
Careful Testimony at Your FingertipsLegal03/17/2014
IR Inspections of Cool RoofsRoofs03/24/2014
Safety – It Takes TwoSafety03/31/2014
Inspecting Shaded Building ElevationsBuildings04/07/2014
Thermal Imager Rental – A Smart AlternativeEquipment04/14/2014
Infrared Imaging and Spray Testing of WallsBuildings04/21/2014
Protecting Yourself in the Sun - Part 1Safety04/28/2014
Protecting Yourself in the Sun - Part 2Safety05/05/2014
A Bird’s Eye ViewGeneral05/19/2014
Grilling Safety TipsSafety05/26/2014
Making Your Own Blackbody SimulatorCalibration06/02/2014
Gauging Solar LoadingGeneral06/09/2014
Infrared Inspections of Conveyor BearingsMechanical06/16/2014
Frequency of IR Roof InspectionsRoofs06/23/2014
Inductive Heating HotspotsElectrical06/30/2014
Heat Stress & the Human BodySafety07/07/2014
Infrared Imaging and Mold DetectionBuildings07/14/2014
Non Uniformity CorrectionEquipment07/21/2014
IR Inspections During Motor RebuildingElectrical07/28/2014
Using and Caring for Lithium-ion BatteriesEquipment08/04/2014
Using Switchgear Windows and PortsElectrical08/11/2014
Equipment Maintenance - NeckstrapsEquipment08/19/2014
The Problem with Solar LoadingTemperature Measurement08/25/2014
Preventing Lyme DiseaseSafety09/01/2014
Applying ThermographyGeneral09/15/2014
Focus, Focus, FocusEquipment09/22/2014
IR Inspections of Liquid-filled TransformersElectrical09/29/2014
Using a Blower Door During an IR InspectionBuildings10/06/2014
IR Inspections of Single Phase Power PanelsElectrical10/13/2014
Determining Neutral Plane LocationBuildings10/20/2014
Gauging When IR Inspection Window Opens/ClosesGeneral10/27/2014
Wind as an Error SourceTemperature Measurement11/03/2014
Calculating the Value of an Electrical HotspotElectrical11/10/2014
Detecting Delamination of StuccoStructural11/17/2014
Why Your Business Needs a WebsiteWebsite12/01/2014
Detecting Electrical System OverloadsElectrical12/15/2014
Files Worth SavingGeneral12/22/2014
Infrared Inspections of Process EquipmentMechanical12/29/2014
Storing & Transporting Your IR EquipmentEquipment01/05/2015
Protecting Yourself from Hydrogen SulfideSafety01/12/2015
Build It & They Will ComeProgram01/19/2015
Air Travel with Your IR Imager – Part 2General01/26/2015
Infrared Inspection of CapacitorsElectrical02/02/2015
Using a First Surface MirrorGeneral02/09/2015
Begin With the End in MindProgram02/16/2015
Frostbite & HypothermiaSafety02/23/2015
The Power of Inductive HeatingElectrical03/02/2015
Defining Ambient TempElectrical03/09/2015
Imager Operational Check Prior to InspectionsEquipment03/16/2015
IR Image Capture & TuningReports03/23/2015
IR Inspections of Timber Framed BuildingsBuildings03/30/2015
Measurement Accuracy SpecificationsEquipment04/06/2015
IR Inspections of Photovoltaic SystemsElectrical04/13/2015
Normal Hot Spots in Electrical SystemsElectrical04/20/2015
Determining Acceptable Load for Electrical CircuitsElectrical04/27/2015
RSS News Feeds - An Easy Way to Stay CurrentGeneral05/04/2015
Insuring Equipment In TransitBusiness05/11/2015
Four Steps to Solving ProblemsProgram05/18/2015
When Should You Upgrade Your Imager?Equipment05/25/2015
Insect Safety TipSafety06/01/2015
A Reminder to Cut the RoofRoofs06/08/2015
Infrared Inspection of Parallel Feed ConductorElectrical06/15/2015
Accuracy and Sensitivity - Part 1Equipment06/22/2015
Accuracy and Sensitivity - Part 2Equipment06/29/2015
The Importance of Imager Frame RateEquipment07/06/2015
Asphalt or Coal Tar ­ How to Tell the DifferenceRoofs07/13/2015
How to Survive a Shrinking Maintenance BudgetProgram07/20/2015
Scaffold Safety – Part 1Safety07/27/2015
Scaffold Safety – Part 2Safety08/03/2015
High E Targets for Measuring Component TemperaturesElectrical08/10/2015
Detecting Underground Pipe LeaksMechanical08/17/2015
Potentially Lethal Hot SpotsSafety08/24/2015
Measuring Motor TemperaturesMechanical08/31/2015
Renting a Thermal ImagerEquipment09/07/2015
School’s Open – Drive CarefullySafety09/14/2015
Infrared Inspections of Retrofitted RoofsRoofs09/21/2015
Using Floor Plans to Identify LocationsReports09/28/2015
Using an Isotherm FeatureEquipment10/05/2015
Splash Protection for Your IR ImagerEquipment10/12/2015
Safety Standards for ThermographySafety10/19/2015
The Problem with Glass and PlasticElectrical10/26/2015
Pest Detection in StructuresBuildings11/02/2015
Thermal Imaging BasicsGeneral11/09/2015
Infrared Roof Inspections from Indoors?Roofs11/16/2015
Thanksgiving Safety TipSafety11/23/2015
Detecting Defective Lighting BallastsElectrical11/30/2015
Intrinsically Safe EquipmentEquipment12/07/2015
Scheduling IR Equipment for MaintenanceEquipment12/14/2015
Holiday WishesGeneral12/21/2015
Visual Inspections & ThermographyGeneral12/28/2015
Infrared Prior to PM ShutdownsGeneral01/04/2016
Winter Driving TipsSafety01/11/2016
Keeping Track of Your LensesEquipment01/18/2016
Setting Temperature LimitsElectrical01/25/2016
Know Your Safety RequirementsSafety02/01/2016
Infrared Equipment - New or Used?Equipment02/08/2016

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