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Article of the Month:

The FLIR One Infrared Imaging Radiometer and Marine Surveying

John (Jack) N. Allinson, II BSc, AMS®

Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer
J.N. Allinson Associates, Inc.

222 University Blvd. North #2
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Ph: 904-721-2177



In 2003 Jack started applying infrared thermal imaging to Marine Surveying using a FLIR model E2 imaging radiometer. While the imager measured temperature, it initially did not save images in a format that could be analyzed with post processing. Jack had the unit upgraded to save images in radiometric format. The imager was acceptable until Jack acquired a FLIR P65HS in 2006. The P65HS remains Jack's go to imager. In addition to better sensitivity and resolution than the E2, the P65HS records radiometric images in a burst mode at up to 30 images per second.

In 2014 Jack acquired the "1st generation" FLIR ONE for IOS. The imager's small form, technology, and attractive price point were impressive yet the sensitivity, resolution, and frame rate were not very useful for marine surveying. In 2015 Jack acquired the "2nd generation" FLIR ONE for IOS and has found it to be a useful adjunct to the FLIR P65HS. Join Jack as he reviews how he uses the "2nd generation" FLIR ONE for marine surveying.

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