Tip of the Week

Normal Hot Spots in Electrical Systems

In general, hot spots within electrical systems are indicative of problems such as loose connections or overloaded circuits. For some electrical components, high temperature operation is normal and an infrared imager can be used to help ensure that these devices are functioning.

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Keysight Technologies Launches IR Thermography Scholarship Program

Keysight Technologies, Inc. recently announced a scholarship program for infrared thermographers. Clients who purchase a new TrueIR imaging radiometer qualify for an Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® training course at a discounted price of $545 – a savings of $1150.

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Featured Image

Thermal image shows three operating outboard engines. Cool spot on center engine caused by inoperative alternator. Taken by Charles Hazouri, this thermal image was the 1st Place winner - Mechanical Category in the annual Image Contest held during the IR/INFO 2015 Conference.

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