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Avoiding Common Mistakes that Can Compromise
an Infrared Inspection Program

Brad Gilbertson

Brad Gilbertson, Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer



Brad Gilbertson
Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer

Sandhills Thermal Imaging, LLC

439 Westwood Shopping Center,
Suite 137
Fayetteville, NC 28314

Ph: 910-835-1306




Infrared technology is now a well established tool for the condition monitoring of both mechanical and electrical systems. Its use is considered a "best practice" throughout the facilities-services industry. Although facility managers often believe they have a solid program in place, there are often defects in their approach. While implemented with good intentions, these oversights and shortcuts can create unintended consequences and lead to far bigger problems. Left as they are, these programs can be a significant liability to the plant and its parent company. A well-designed infrared program takes into consideration the greater regulator environment in which the plant operates, as well as providing management with the metrics with which to gauge the effectiveness of the program. The benefits are reduced liability along with a program which demonstrates its own cost effectiveness. This paper will address these issues and how to avoid the common mistakes which can undermine program effectiveness, thereby compromising any benefits which might otherwise have been achieved.

A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.Read the Feature Article
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A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.


A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.


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Infraspection Training Partner Receives AINDT Approval

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IR Inspections During Motor Rebuilding

Thermography can be a valuable tool for testing and monitoring in-service motors. It can also be a useful tool for detecting hidden problems within motors that are being rebuilt.

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A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.

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