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Feature Article: 

Which Thermal Imaging Camera Should I Choose
for Building Inspection?

Bill Warner

Bill Warner



Bill Warner
Education Director for the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers™

BC Warner Inspections &
Thermal Imaging Services

Greenville, OH

Ph: 937-423-2949

www.daytonthermalinspection.com www.bcwarner.com



With the proliferation of an enormous selection of thermal imaging cameras available on the market today, inspectors who consider adding thermal imaging to their inspection services continue to ask this seemingly age-old question: "Which camera should I choose?" Manufacturers continue to release new models and discontinue older ones. Complicating matters, the model specifications and features listed by the manufactures appear "Greek" to the novice and beginners. To muddy the waters even further, misinformation and inexperienced or grossly uneducated opinions are abundantly strewn about the internet for this widely debated topic on social media sites and message boards. To top it all off, manufacturers, retailers, and individuals often refer to seemingly authoritative sources that have diluted specific equipment needs through publishing and proposing superficially general "minimum equipment requirement" standards without also noting other important qualifying factors.

A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.Read the Feature Article
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A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.



A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.


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Infraspection Adds Weatherization Course to Distance Learning Program

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Infrared Imaging and
Spray Testing of Walls

Infrared imaging can be useful for detecting leaks within building sidewalls; however, timing an inspection can be tricky. Controlled wetting of walls can be used to simulate storm conditions during an inspection.

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A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.

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