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Tools for a Thermographer

Ed Kochanek

Ed Kochanek


Ed Kochanek
Director of Sales Eastern Region

FLIR Commercial Systems, Inc.
25 Esquire Road
North Billerica, MA 01862

Ph: 978-901-8000



Thermal imaging is a non-destructive test technique with numerous applications for structures and electrical and mechanical systems. Whether you are a building inspector, energy auditor, or someone interested in facility maintenance, the infrared camera is not your only tool. Visual inspections, moisture meters, and ammeters are all routinely used to help confirm the cause of thermal patterns. This presentation will look at several tools that complement the infrared camera and help you get the job done. This presentation will also discuss how these tools work and communicate together, making report generation easier and faster than ever before.

A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.Read the Feature Article
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A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.


A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.


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15 Thermographers Earn Level II Certification

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Determining Neutral
Plane Location

Thermographically detecting air leakage sites within buildings is dependent upon proper site and weather conditions and imaging vantage point. Determining the location of a building’s neutral plane is key to ascertaining the correct vantage point for thermal imaging.

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A resource for IR, infrared, thermography and thermographers.

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