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IRINFO.ORG, the fastest growing web site in the IR field, is pleased to announce our 5 Star Web site award. 5 Star Web site recognition is reserved for web sites that professionally promote IR and related PdM technologies.

Web sites bearing the 5 Star Web site logo have distinguished themselves among their peers as one of the best resources on the internet today. 5 Star Web site recognition is FREE; however, a web site must meet the following criteria:

  • Information on the web site must be easy to find.
  • The information offered by the web site must be timely and accurate.
  • A visitor to the web site must not be charged a fee.
  • The web site must positively promote IR Thermography or related PDM or NDT.
  • The web site must be referred to the Technical Editors of www.irinfo.org by a current member of the IRINFO Group discussion forum.
  • Ownership of the website must be clearly indicated on the site.

If you would like to be considered for 5 Star Recognition, please complete the form below. All submissions are subject to review by our Technical Editors for compliance with the above guidelines. If the web site suggested is accepted into the program, you will be notified by e-mail and sent code to insert on your web site index page (your home page). You are also welcome to place the code on additional pages as well. The code we send you will reference irinfo.org and place the 5 Star logo on your page. A visitor to your page who clicks on the 5 Star logo will visit irinfo.org.

Nominate your website.


Current 5 Star Websites
*Expiration date is 1 year after date below.

Infrared Imaging Serrviceswww.infraredimagingservices.comApril 2014
Certified Mold Inspectorswww.moldtestingnj.comApril 2014
Ox Creek Energywww.corona-technology-course.comApril 2014
Infrared Certifiedwww.infrared-certified.comApril 2014
Thermal-Diagnosticswww.thermal-diagnostics.comApril 2014
Gratton Infrared Services Inc.www.grattoninfrared.comApril 2014
DA Mechanical Serviceswww.damechanical.comMay 2014
Thermo Guard Inc.www.thermoguard.usMay 2014
Cornerstone Home Inspectionwww.inspectionsbycornerstone.comMay 2014
BC Warner Inspections &
Thermal Imaging Services
www.daytonthermalinspection.comMay 2014
IXL Infrared Managementwww.ixl-infrared.comMay 2014
Pannon Infrared Lp.www.pannoninfrared.eu/english.htmlMay 2014
East Coast Industries, Inc.www.eci-ndt.comJune 2014
Oxbow Home Inspections
and Radon Testing
ww.oxbowinspections.comJune 2014
Thermo Temp Inc.www.thermotemp.comJune 2014
Team Work Net.www.teamworknet.com/ThermalJune 2014
Kontravill, Inc.www.kontravill.webzona.huJune 2014
NY Infrared Scan.comnyinfraredscan.comJune 2014
Delmarva Infrared Serviceswww.delmarvainfrared.comJune 2014
Iristem Engineeringwww.iristem.grJune 2014
Testo Inc.www.testousa.com/thermalJune 2014
Dynamic Infrared Inspectionswww.dynamicinfraredinspections.comJune 2014
Energeiaki Techniki Volouwww.energeiakitechniki.grJune 2014
BPTC LLCwww.thebptc.comJune 2014
American Thermo Techwww.attinfrared.comJuly 2014
Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC www.jaymarinspect.comJuly 2014
Hexagon-Build Ltd. www.hexagon-build.comJuly 2014
HomeTechNJwww.homeinspectorsofnewjersey.comJuly 2014
Adair Inspectionwww.adairinspection.comAugust 2014
Infra Surveilwww.infra-homeinspection.comAugust 2014
Utah Infraredwww.UtahInfrared.comAugust 2014
REA srl Thermographywww.latermografia.blogspot.it/August 2014
Griggs Thermal Imaging LLC http://www.griggsthermalimaging.comSeptember 2014
Elm-City Home Inspectionswww.elmcityhomeinspection.comSeptember 2014
IRT Consultwww.irtconsult.comSeptember 2014
Electriscanwww.electriscan.comSeptember 2014
AITscanwww.aitscan.comSeptember 2014
Infrared Surveywww.infraredsurvey.comSeptember 2014
IXL Infrared Managementwww.ixl-infrared-management.comSeptember 2014
Weller Infrared Services, Inc.www.wellerinfraredservicesinc.comSeptember 2014
Mayfield Thermography
Consulting Services, Inc.
www.mayfieldinfrared.comOctober 2014
Thermal Diagnostics Limitedwww.tdlir.homestead.comOctober 2014
Midwest Infraredwww.midwestir.comOctober 2014
Thermal MapIRwww.thermalmapir.comOctober 2014
ProcessScanwww.processscan.comOctober 2014
IR Researcherwww.irresearcher.comOctober 2014
Geo Therm Limitedwww.geothermltd.co.ukOctober 2014
Connecticut Home Inspections www.allied123.com/Connecticut-Infrared-IR-InspectionOctober 2014
Chicago Infrared Thermal Imaging Inc. www.chicagoinfraredthermalimaging.comOctober 2014
Infraspec www.infraspec.grOctober 2014
Harmon Infrared www.harmoninfrared.comOctober 2014
Infra-Image Inspection Service LLCwww.infra-image.comOctober 2014
Pannon Infrared Lp.www.termografus.huOctober 2014
Inspect Key West Incwww.inspectkeywest.com/thermalimaging/

November 2014
Tamon-2002. Bt.www.lakaszoldkartya.netNovember 2014
Consultores Termogr√°ficos GTSwww.consulterm.comNovember 2014
Heartland Infrared Inspections http://www.heartlandinfraredinspections.com/December 2014
Seacoast Inspections LLC http://www.seacoastinspections.comDecember 2014
Thermalspect http://www.thermalspect.com/December 2014
Brady Infraredwww.bradyinfrared.comDecember 2014
Infraspection Institutewww.infraspection.comDecember 2014
Infrared Researchwww.infraredresearch.comDecember 2014
Mr. Inspections Inc.www.mrinspections.comDecember 2014
PdMAwww.pdma.comDecember 2014
Burlington Atlantic Corporationwww.burlingtonatlantic.comDecember 2014
East Coast Industries, Inc.www.eci-ndt.comDecember 2014
Infrascan Limitedwww.infrascan.co.nzDecember 2014
Digital IR Technologies Inc.www.digitalir.caDecember 2014
Thermelec Qldwww.thermelecqld.com.auDecember 2014
IR SERVE div of Powerserve Inc www.irserve.comJanuary 2015
Houston Thermalwww.houstonthermalinspections.comJanuary 2015
Sandhills Thermal Imaging, LLCwww.sandhillsthermalimaging.comJanuary 2015
InterCoastal Inspections, LLCwww.st-augustine-home-inspector.comJanuary 2015
Infrared Pluswww.infraredplus.comJanuary 2015
Infrared Thermal Imaging Serviceswww.infraredthermalimagingservices.comJanuary 2015
National Association
of Commercial Building Inspectors
and Thermographers
www.nacbi.comFebruary 2015
Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc.www.KleinfeldTechnical.comFebruary 2015
Infrared Thermography Serviceswww.infrared-thermography-services.co.ukFebruary 2015
Massachusetts Home Inspectionswww.massinfrared.comFebruary 2015
Infrared New Englandwww.infrarednewengland.comFebruary 2015
Industrial Precision Instruments Pty Ltdwww.ipi-infrared.com.auFebruary 2015
HomeCert, LLCwww.homecert.comFebruary 2015
Toronto Infraredwww.torontoinfrared.comFebruary 2015
Offshore Marine Groupwww.offshorenola.comFebruary 2015
Proactive Maintenance Consultants LLCwww.pmcmn.comFebruary 2015
Capital Infraredwww.capitalinfrared.comFebruary 2015
Thermocat LLC.www.thermoat.netFebruary 2015
Inspection Masterswww.inspectmasters.comMarch 2015
Logos Computer Solutions, Inc.www.logoscomputer.comMarch 2015
Infrared Services Inc.www.infrared-thermography.comMarch 2015
BlueStar Infraredwww.bluestarinfrared.comMarch 2015
Gratton Infrared Services Inc.www.grattoninfrared.comMarch 2015
D T Buchan Ltdwww.infraredhomediagnosis.co.ukMarch 2015
A2Z Inspection Services www.pennsylvaniainspections.comMarch 2015
Campbell Thermography www.campbellthermography.comMarch 2015
HomeTechNJwww.infraredroofinspectors.comMarch 2015
Infrared Wisconsinwww.infraredwisconsin.comMarch 2015
NJ Equine Imaging L.L.C.www.njequineimaging.vpweb.comMarch 2015
Daya Synergywww.dayasynergy.comMarch 2015
Capital Infrared L.L.C.www.capitalinfrared.comApril 2015

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