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Article of the Month:

Thermographic Inspection of Substation Transformers

Philip M. Conte, Sr.
Test Engineer (retired)

George Arthur
Asset Reliability Engineer

PSEG Laboratory and Testing Services
40 Cragwood Road
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

When reporting thermal anomalies on exposed electrical components, data such as location, date, ambient conditions, temperature rise and load are usually recorded. But, when inspecting oil cooled substation transformers there are other key pieces of information that should be included in the report. This information will help system engineers diagnose the cause of the thermal anomaly, order specific parts and easily derive the action required to normalize cooling or conservatively de-rate the asset in terms of load carrying capability until the repair can be completed or a replacement can be installed.

This presentation will go over some common thermal anomalies to look for and data that should be recorded and where to find it when inspecting large oil cooled transformers. It will also touch on how to automatically import nameplate data from a database into your report to save time and data space by avoiding redundant information.

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