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With the world’s most comprehensive directories of service providers and infrared equipment, IRINFO.ORG is a valuable resource for prospective buyers.  For many, it is the first place they visit when seeking infrared inspection services or new equipment. is an authoritative, industry-specific website that has become the definitive resource for all topics related to the infrared industry.

Because content changes frequently, IRINFO.ORG enjoys an impressive following of infrared professionals, maintenance and facility managers, and practitioners of related technologies.  We maintain constant contact with our readers via email notifications and our RSS feeds which are carried on numerous websites worldwide.

If you are a professional thermographer or distribute infrared or related test equipment, you can put your message in front of thousands of interested prospects by advertising at IRINFO.ORG.  We have a number of options that can meet nearly any budget.

Let us help you increase sales and profits by listing your company at IRINFO.ORG.

For Manufacturers & Distributors

Banner Ad

  • A Banner Ad may be horizontal (like the one at the top of this page) or vertical (like the one to the right). Banner Ads are especially beneficial to a manufacturer or distributor who wishes a presence at but needs to constantly maintain or update their own web site with a constantly changing product line or special offers on products.
  • If you wish to place a banner ad at, you may present one of your own design or our graphics department can compose one for you. And, yes, your ad may employ elements such as Flash!
  • Design fees range from $250 – $500 depending on the ad copy and complexity of design required.

Ad Position

  • Top of Page for Index Page: $2400/year
  • Top of Page: $1800/year
    • This is prime real estate! Your ad will appear at the top of the page, to the right of the IRINFO graphic.
    • Ad Size: 1/2 Banner: 234 * 60 (Only this size may be used for top of page.)
  • Above the Fold: $1440/year
    • Your ad will appear on the screen without scrolling down.
    • Some vertical ads, because of size, may drop below the fold.
  • Below the Fold: $1140/year
    • Your ad will appear on the screen when a visitor scrolls down.

Note: Position on the page will be determined in consultation with you and the Account Manager for

Ad Size

  • If you do not have a banner ad, we can create one for you!
    • Horizontal
      • Full Banner: 468 * 60
      • 1/2 Banner: 234 * 60 (Only this size may be used for top of page.)
      • Square: 125 * 125
      • Button: 120 * 90
      • Button: 120 * 60
    • Vertical
      • Full Banner: 120 * 600
      • Half Banner: 120 * 240
      • Button: 120 * 90
      • Button: 120 * 60

For Thermographic Inspection Companies

Business Card Advertising

  • A Business Card listing of your company will present the visitor to with the essential information for your business. Your Business Card ad will contain:
    • Your Company Name
    • State
    • Phone Number
    • Service Area
    • Pricing
    • $15/month, $180/year
    • Paid in advance: $150

Business Card+ Advertising

  • This is the way to drive new visitors to your existing web site with a link from directly to your online pages. Business Card+ listings contain:
    • All the information from the standard Business Card listing
    • A direct link from your Business Card+ listing to your company’s web site.
    • Pricing
      • Single State listing, $250 year
      • 5 State listing, $400 year
      • 10 State listing, $600 year
      • Entire US listing, $1500 year

Gold Advertising

  • A Gold listing assumes that your company already has an existing web site. From your current web site, we will create a page to promote your company and place this page at! Your advertising will contain:
    • All information from the Business Card listing
    • Your own page at displaying your own logo
    • Your page will reside within
  • Pricing
    • $250 setup
    • $30/month, $360 year
    • Pay in advance $300

Other advertising possibilities will be announced later.

Important Note

Please be sure information for your ad is accurate.There is a standard hourly charge to make corrections and changes that are not the result of our error.Note that this charge applies to all FREE listings at

Please note that all prices are U. S. Dollars.

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